The Infamous - Jay Walker. [Nu School Jungle vibes]

jay walker

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Jan 15, 2003
between a rock and a hard place, Hants
Me an crash test have been focusing on dubstep for the last few months, so was fresh to come back to dnb an its been some time since I did any solo work. im really feeling the nu school jungle sound around at the moment, so thought Id have a crack, some laid back rolling beats and a few cheeky mob deep samples thrown in.

would really like to know opinions, feedback please dnbf massive!

check the myspaz:
Yeah thats really nice mate

id say them hats / shakers are too top endy, could maybe come down a tiny bit

percussion is luuuvley man

solid tune bro, no gripes about that!

BOHHH!!!! :)
yea likin the vibe. the percussions a nice touch to the beat. glad to see jungle vibes makin a comeback.

also jokes, i made a dnb tune with the punisher sample as well, check it out if your interested

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