The flyer e-bay alternative


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Hope this is ok to post fella's feel free to destroy if not.
Cheers :crazy:

Hello people,
Right here we go. I don t like e-bay so this is my alternative.
I have loads of spare flyers courtesy of that nice man Disco who I met last year. Now that I ve finally go through them I have a large batch which some of you may be interested in. If you re looking for specific flyers, needing some additions or want to start a collection from scratch get in touch.

Just drop me a mail and I ll mail you back an excel doc with all of the flyers detailed. The file shows which ones are spares and how many copies of each I have. Requests will be dealt with in turn in the order the e-mail arrives on a first come first serve basis.

3 Ways to go

1: Let me know what you want and just send me the equivalent number of flyers from your spares.
2: Flyers priced at 50p each regardless of year or size. Minimum order 5 flyers. Cheques only.
3: If you have no spares and money is too tight to mention I m always up for copies of live sets from events (nothing after end of 1994 please)

Having recently become a father and set up in business on my own I will have to ask you to send an SAE with any order. Sorry to be so tight but I don t get paid again until Oct!!!.

The file is as accurate as possible and the last section is currently being looked at by the main man Weed. However I do not accept any responsibility for mistakes.
If you d like to check me out to make sure I m kosher I m sure Dave @ Phat Media, Weed, Fran, Disco and Roach will confirm I m the real deal having dealt with all them all in the past.
Cheers and happy flyering.
PS If any of you ski or snowboard and need help for the forthcoming season, just let me know. Discounts for notice board readers