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    Hey guys
    I know alot of you guys get pissy over drum and bass promotion youtube channels, seeing as there is alot of them out there, but I decided to bring a twist into the little promotion industry.
    For the past 8 months I have been exploring weird, obscure and unheard of labels in the scene and I have been putting alot of money into VA LPs, EPs and etc. etc.
    This method has introduced me to 200+ of my favorite artists and alot of music by these under the radar artists is hardly on the internet at all. And if it is, it always seems like the quality is equivalent to toilet water.
    Moral of the story, I have spent LOADS on unheard of drum and bass (in full 320kbps quality) and I want you guys to hear some of the sick shit that is really on the down low right now.

    Its called The Drum Cavern: http://www.youtube.com/user/TheDrumCavern
    I will be posting frequently, probably close to daily. I am not a busy human being so basically just whenever I can.

    Here is the first upload:

    I promise no less then the best quality possible on all uploads.
    Please, if this idea annoys you and you are simply uninterested, just move on :) I am here to hopefully attract some people to the more strange side of the genre.

    Thanks! :)
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    Just subscribed, look forward to hearing what else comes out of this! :cool: