DnB The DNB DOJO Podcast ep.35 sept.2019


Includes a track of myself, Shade Party, out now, on bandcamp.

Esym - Icarus [Krytika Productions]
Bladerunner - Bassline Terror [Hi Resolution]
Yung-E - Metal Gear [Nurtured Beatz]
Bassdubbers - Funk'd [Soul Lab]
Qube - The World on Fire [Dub]
Jaise - Swamped [Subplate]
3RDKND - Demons [Forbidden Society]
Karma Kingdom & Echo Motion - Against Time [Detached Audio]
Ewol & Skylark - Agur [Dispatch]
Askel - Saboteur [None60]
InTaKe - A Love Like This (Instrumental) [Default]
Fragz & LaMeduza - Call for Change [AXON]
Audio - Glass House [Snake Pit]
Deficit - Eternum (Wreckless Remix) [AutomAte]
Hybris - Big Wig [Psuedoscience]
Dustkey - Central Station Player [Differential]
KarmasynK - Disturbed Motion [Delta9]
W2W.b - Bunker [Subplate]
OaT - Close Management [T3K]
Structured - Hard Line [Engage Audio]
Keenan Mathias - The Breach (feat. Sejo) [Saturate]
KOAN Sound - Radiant [Shoshin Records]
Man From Sol - Fracture Vectors (Blockdata Remix) [Abstrakt Reflections]
Cecil Hotel - Death on The Trails [Flexout]
Rollyax - All For You [Beat Spectrum]
Dead End - Chopper Blades [Saturate]
iBenji - Model 315 [Othercide]
Severity - Hyperghetto [Unchained]
Werkflow - Inertia (Imran Graffiti Remix) [Inner City Dance]
Rinino - Loverdose [The Dreamers]
Maykors - Owl [Celsius]
Battery - Range Of View [Horizons]
Alexvnder - Holding You [Glitch Audio]
Boredome - Shade Party [Dub]
Molecular - Triangle Dub [Counterpoint]
DLX - Sumtin Like This [Free Love Digi]
Fishy - For You [Influenza Media]
Henry - Dont Let Me Go [DNBB Digital]
Talkre - Tannhauser Gate [Dispatch]
Paradigitz - Deadringer [You So Fat]
Bop - Skeptikos [Kos Mos Music]
Critical Event, Askel & Monika - Purple Skies [Fokuz]
Logics - Shield (RMS Remix) [Delta9]
Incorporate - Things About To Happen [Inception Audio]
Distant Future & Lowriderz - Jungel [Grid]
Logistics - Waveforms [Hospital]
Survey - Far Gone [Dispatch]
Nami & Rizzle - Give You [Overview]
Alix Perez - Trinity [1985 Music]
Monika - Rocket Sprocket [Soulvent]
Hathor & Sotus - Lurker [Exkursions]
Ded Sheppard - Run Baby Run [Onset Audio]
Fre4knc & Klinical - The Shaman [Flexout]
Drop Frame - Persia (Monika Remix) [Shadowhearts]
Joakuim - South West Road [Fokuz]
Revaux - Sacred [Vandal]
Matt View, Marvel Cinema & T:Base - See Beyond [Celsius]
Untrue - Dead Space [Fokuz]
Lao Wai & LaMeduza - Tie Me Up (SCAR Remix) [Addictive Behaviour]
R1C0 - Sanctuary [Warm Ears]
Root For The Villain & Dave Owen - That New [Onset Audio]
Infest - Little Spinner [Next Phase]
GY96 - Bargain Booze Run [Dub]