The Back 2 You remix Projects (Reinforced Records)


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The MR Kirks Nightmare remix winner Barney Trouble has just featured on Drum & Bass arena’s video interviews. He is the first to receive this high accolade.

In the interview he speaks about his life in music, inspirations and what the future holds. Which is looking like a good one as he now has been signed up to Goldie’s Rufige and will be featuring on a forth coming Reinforced Records release sometime in the near future.

The BACK 2 YOU remix projects was set up for you the unsigned artists to showcase your talents and make a name for yourself in the Drum & Bass and music world. So far there have been 4 back2you remix projects and from these we have found some amazing new talents who have now been working with of course Reinforced, Goldie and remixing for artists such as Amanda Wilson (Freemasons fame).

The new remix project online Friday 18th of July is from none other than Manix, one of the corner stones of Reinforced Records. “Hardcore, Hardcore, Junglism, Jugnlism.“ A classic track of its time which at its time smashed onto the fledging jungle scene and brought new elements to this new music style.

Its now time to make this remix project your own and show the world what you can do.

So again it’s BACK 2 YOU