That nice liquid stuff

Shatner's Bosom

VIP Junglist
Soligen - Far Away (Sonata Recordings)
Nymfo - Suddenly (Commercial Suicide)
Paul T, Edward Oberon - Absolute (Mars Recordings)
Calibre - Notting Hill (Signature)
dRamatic, dbAudio - 6 Degrees (Mars Recordings)
Total Science - Archive (Hospital Records)
Krakota - Be Myself (Ingredients Records)
Command Strange - Candy (Celsius Recordings)
Artificial Intelligence - Crocodile Smile (V Recordings)
Calibre, ST Files - Devil Inside (Footprints Music)
Mist:ical - Eject (Soul:r)
Sabre - These Simple Things (Future Thinkin Records)
Lenzman - Solhouette (Critical Presents : Modulations)
LSB - Don't Say It (Speadhead)
dRamatic, dbAudio - Entrance to Jericho (Black Reflections Records)
Alix Perez - Fade Away (Shogun Audio)
Command Strange - Motion (Allsorts)
Soulculture - Take My Hand (Sonata Recordings)
dRamatic, dbAudio (Total Science Remix) - Far Away (Mars Recordings)
Response, ST Files - Nailbomb (Ingredients Records)
Alix Perez - Feelings Of Regret
East Colors (Enei Remix) - Go To Nowhere (Phunkfiction Recordings)
LSB - The Hurting (Spearhead)
Command Strange - All That Heaven Allows (Fokuz Recordings)
MSDOS - Countenance (Liquid Drops)
Physical Illusion - Evening Of Jazz (Intelligent Recordings)
Makoto, Akira - Flying High (goodlooking Records)
Protone, RoyGreen, BokaBoka, Krint - Found Love (Celsius Recordings)
Command Strange - If U Wanna Make A Love (Prana Recordings)
Random Movement, Dave Owen - Child's PLay (Prestige Music)
Electrosoul System - In The Morning (Allsorts)
Dynamic, Command Strange - Jazzmine (Fokuz Recordings)
Scott Allen - Soul Escape (Intelligent Recordings)
Saburuko - London (Future Thinkin Records)
Random Movement - Psychedelic Drainpipe (Innerground)
MSDOS - Trumpet Toys (Liquid Drops)
Jay Rome, Paul SG - Supersticious (Digital Blus)
Protone, Roy Green - 2 Hours (Alignment Records)
Sunny Crimea, Soul Fx - Shake It (Modulate Recordings)
MJT - Cinammon Eyes (Black Reflections Records)
Scott Allen, Faible - Silence (Intelligent Recordings)
Mutated Forms - Should I (Allsorts)
Melos - Prime Mover (Sonata Recordings)
Makoto, Deeizm - Monotonik (Bingo Beats)
Dave Owen, Clart - Deep Cover (Jazzsticks Recordings)
Scott Allen - Every Time (Sonata Recordings)
Melos - Yokocho (Sonata Recordings)
Intelligent Manners - I'm In Love Again (Respect Records)
First hour is deep stuff, second hour is jazzy stuff.

I was a bit rough with the crossfader at times but I'm very happy with this one.