Tetra Hydro K - Basse Equitable EP [MELTDOWNDUBS06]

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    Tetra Hydro K is the name of a laboratory based in a secret location, run by Doctors Kanay and Krilong.
    Their research concentrates on experimenting with organic elements (live musical instruments) in a computer-generated environment.
    When testing these musical concoctions, specialists have been left scratching their heads with unanswered questions:
    Is it electronic? Acoustic? Dub? Dubstep? Drum and Bass? Why can't I stop dancing?
    The results of these chemical reactions, as you can you can hear for yourselves with the "Basse équitable" EP, are astounding.
    The duo have also been venturing out of their lab and practicing live experiments in public, to great acclaim.
    So wait no longer and sample some of the audio substances for yourself!

    Check the clips in Soundcloud

    Promo video: Youtube

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