Label Ten Ton Beats hits the rewind button!!!


Ten Ton Beats
Ten Ton Beats has been up a running for a whole 6 months now, not that long i know, but what a journey it has been thus far. We started out with an online article written about the labl before we'd even released any music on the mahoosive K mag online magazine.
you can read the article here:

Dangerous was signed to the label right off the bat, His E.P The Big Bang was a solid release which cemented the reputation of TTB, since then we have the exclusive signing of Dj Dusty who has achieved massive success with his debut for the label 'Illusions' which was in Grooveriders playlist 2 weeks in a row, Samy Nicks is name most people won't know yet but trust me you will in the next few months another brand new signing to the label.
Releases by thr russian producer hectix aswell as Jump up mastermind Dj Manga have all been on the Ten Ton release schedule, cant forget our last release by Delayed reaction which hit the Top 10 ton the drum and bass Arena charts.
Forthcoming releases include artsists such as Dangerous/Mr Alf-E/Drastik Measures/Samy Nicks/Mischeif & Mayhem the list goes on and on so plenty to look forward to.

I'd like to take you back to the beginning of the journey for those who haven't been on board very long. Check out our very firsst release by Ten ton soldier Dangerous, The Big Bang E.P is still available to download from the Ten Ton website, Join the journey here.

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