Technics SL-1210 mk5G 30th Anniversary Edition Turntables for sale

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    Technics SL-1210 mk5G 30th Anniversary Edition Turntable

    Ok I do not really want to do this but needs must…

    A lovely set of mk5gs.

    They are gr8 set of decks, keep time super. I love them really there is no click on the 0 pitch which is good for pitching those quicker tunes.

    They come with the standard carts as shown on the pictures.

    The spec and description is below also with a couple of links to the main technics site and to turnkey for you to compare prices

    £650.00 ono

    Get in contact for more info:


    07881 592 870

    Technics SL-1210 mk5G 30th Anniversary Edition Turntable

    The SL-1210MK5G 30th anniversary edition follows on from the classic SL-1210MK2 with the new features; blue LEDs, wider pitch adjustment +/-8% and +/-16%, pitch switch button (2 levels), pitch reset button, recessed on/off switch, detachable lid and headshell stand on the cabinet. Slip mat is included.
    · Total quartz locked continuous pitch adjustment +/-8% and +/-16%
    · Precision moulded aluminium diecast cabinet and heavy rubber base material absorb unwanted vibrations
    · Unwavering quartz Direct Drive accuracy: wow and flutter 0,01% WRNMS, rumble -78dB (DIN B)
    · Very high torque (1.5Kg/cm) for quick start-ups
    · Highly sensitive low mass tone-arm with gimbal suspension/helicoid tonearm height adjustment
    · Pitch reset button
    · Recessed on/off switch
    · Headshell stand on the cabinet
    · Detachable lid
    · Slip mat included

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