Talented SFX Producer


Hi my names George I'm a new member to the forum.

Want to get in touch with some talented sound editors as I want to create some sound effect's for my website. It's a job so you will be paid. Not massive amount's but I'm sure alot of you do it for the love of it so a bit of extra cash wouldn't go a miss.

I've posted on two other music forums for help as people who listen to dnb/techno/dubstep seem to be the type of people who find my work interesting.

The sounds will need a bit of work put into them.

I need :

-two fairly long loops. One for main page and one for the zoom gallery.
-20 button sounds. All varied in tone.

This is the site they are for so you can get an idea of what might work.


The loops have got to sound alien / military / interference / sinister.

Some examples of the sounds I'm trying to achieve.

I like he sound effects on this BF3 teaser. The second half more so than the first. This kind of sound but less intrusive more of a mellow background atmospheric type sound but the same theme.


As for the buttons I maybe wanted sounds specific for the illustration.

Example would be the T-rex roar off JP for the T-Rex button. But distorted so to fade into a digital crackle. I don't really know what you can do with.

Example: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MT9qg0dQVMw&NR=1

I just want to make the site come to life with sound tbh cos its pretty plain looking and I want to try and make it different to other peoples with audio aswell as visual. You can go to town creatively as far as I'm concerned.

If your interested make me a small sample of maybe 30 seconds and get in touch via the forum's. I'll choose the best one and give a who ever does it a brief and work with them.

Here is my work for inspiration.

I'm hoping that I'll find someone with great talent in these forums.