T.K.S - Deep Vibes - Redemption mix

Hi all,

One of my first dnb recorded mixes. There a few imperfections in the mix but it doesn't spoil it too much!

Looking for some constructive critism on how I can improve so please leave your comments.


Ivy Lab - Baby Grey
Dave Owen - Loose Lips (Heist Remix)
Roy Green, Protone, Pennygiles - Selfish Arms
Thing - old school flavour
Edward Oberon - Paradise
Konichi - Frost
Pennygiles - Love Comes Running Free
Need For Mirrors Feat Jasmine Spence & Grimm - Silent Runner
Ivy Lab - Live on your smile
Bladerunner - Feel for you
Soulculture - Bring me down
Spectrasoul - The gift
Imagery - the heat
Motta - Dots
Break - Trying
Nookie - Only you (dbramatic & dbaudio remix)
Kove - Saffron
Break - Music is better
Pennygiles - Quiet seas
Alex Perez - Feeling of regret


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ok i finished this. Don't look for a bunch of comments on here ....you don't get a lot unless u r doing something spectacular really. the forum gets flooded and it's hard to keep up with all of them.
As far as your mix goes I'm just gonna give you the basics. Of course you want to work on tightening up your beat matching a little. Look at where you are throwing your mixes and try to throw in some different places or earlier and look for double drops or catch the breaks. Not everything has to be double dropped to make a great mix but a few here and there will bring some variety to your set. And then there is the devil.....eq'ing ha ha. it's tough to EQ when you are trying to keep your beat matching going so just work on your bass lines and your volumes at first and then work on the mids and hi's. If you can get the traks to break at the sametime it will give u a good chance to do some really good eq'ing in there.
Just a couple of things ...prolly all stuff u already know but there ya have it.