Synthetic Bliss - Dancefloor!


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Jan 13, 2003
London, UK
Ez everyone!

Things are really starting to get rolling for me production wise, been experimenting with different styles etc. Here's the latest I'm working on, 'Synthetic Bliss', it starts off on an intelligent vibe, breaking out into a dancefloor roller, with an oldschool stab. The bassline isn't as dark as I normally create, more of a wobbly old school style.

I was getting bored of the two step when making the track, so I thought I'd shuffle some beats and I got a wicked break sound going, check it out halfway into the track.

Getting some good feedback on this one so far.. Let me know what you think.. the feedback is greatly appreciated. I'll try my hardest to get around to reviewing your tracks, trying to review on DOA, DNBArena, Gain and here is proving a task :)



Oh, the track can be found at IUMA :

Still work in progress, tunes are never done for me!
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