Synkro - Lost Here EP (Apollo)

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Lost Here
In My Arms
Nights Of Pleasure
Fading Lights

anticipated release date 02 December 2013

Close your eyes and breathe deeply with this one, as Synkro returns for his third release on Apollo with four new productions of affecting, midnight electronica.

Joe McBride`s ear for inimitable melodies has always fit his intricate percussion patterns like a glove. On the Lost Here EP, however, the Synkro project has been elevated to a new level with subtle flourishes of pop structure and two standout vocal performances by Robert Manos.

Lost Here ascends to the clouds, hovering on cavernous chords that wrap Manos` words in a cocoon of eyes-down emotion as scissoring rhythms flit underneath. Touching down again, In My Arms calls on circadian rhythms and oscillating layers of synthesizer to create a dreamlike environment, isolating Manos` song in an antechamber of space and sound. The B side slinks in with a playful bass riff on Nights of Pleasure, underpinning celestial waves of chimes, tones, and chords before Fading Lights suspends each element in zero-gravity as a pure, heat-treated distillation of the Synkro sound.
More amazing music, as you would expect from Synkro. Loving that this whole EP is 170 stuff :) will be bagging