Swerve Is Back! Feat Friction, Alix Perez, Breakage Plus Many More @ Cable from May..

Swerve - Weekly Wednesdays @ Cable from May 5th 2010

Fabio and his faithful Swerve following take their sound across the river to London Bridge to launch a new weekly residency at one of London’s most talked about venues, Cable. This long running, ground-breaking night is where the Drum & Bass establishment congregate to exchange tracks, enjoy a drink and listen to Fabio select the future classics with selected special guests every Wednesday.

Those who know Swerve know exactly what to expect as the night comes back bigger and better than ever. Over the coming weeks we’ll see the likes of Friction, Breakage, Alix Perez and many more pass through the doors to select tracks as they take control of the Bar at this stunning (and relatively new) venue. If you have been to Cable, you will have already witnessed the crystal clear soundsystem, the industrial but warm environment that plays host to some of the scenes biggest nights such as Goldie’s, Metalheadz and the A Bunch of Cuts event.

May 5th: Friction / Fabio / Chris Interface

May 12th: Shy FX / Fabio / Tendai

May 19th: Alix Perez / Fabio / Social Security

May 26th: Grooverider / Fabio / Chris Interface

June 2nd: Breakage / Fabio / Tendai

June 9th: Bailey / Fabio / Carter

Wednesdays // 2200 - 0300

£5 B4 2300 // £7 After // £5 Students

Bermondsey Street Tunnel

020 7403 7730



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Re: Swerve Is Back! Feat Friction, Alix Perez, Breakage Plus Many More @ Cable from M

This is excellent news. So can you tell me when Shogun Audio will be launching?
Re: Swerve Is Back! Feat Friction, Alix Perez, Breakage Plus Many More @ Cable from M

With less than one week to go until Fabio moves himself and his D&B Faithful into Cable every Wednesday, we took 5 minutes with the man to see what he's been up to, and what is going on with Drum & Bass right now...Oh and some lovely eye candy aswell.

Hey Fabio – how are you?

Hey guys, I’m good thanks. Been busy as usual - everything is going great at Radio 1 – we’re looking forward to the Drum & Bass takeover weekend in a few weeks. Infact, I couldn't be better...

So, you're re-launching Swerve at Cable in London Bridge...

Yes Swerve is back! I’m really looking forward to it, my Wednesday nights haven't been the same since we closed.

What are your expectations for Swerve at its new home, Cable?

I’m expecting BIG things! It’s a big risk taking on a weekly in 2010 but I think it is well worth the risk. Swerve is a chance to hear the real underground a place to play stuff you dont play on a Saturday night...Also looking forward to playing on the Sound system in Cable also working with the old crew again.

That's 12 years of Wednesday nights for you now, right (give or take!)? How the hell do you do it?

Ha ha! Yes. Wednesday has always been a poignant night for me...One of the great things about Wednesdays is you get real music heads out…people that make the effort and wanna get down.

And your other love – Creative Source, how are things going there?

Creative Source is going really well at the moment. It's a struggle because of downloading but we are fighting the fight and bringing out some great releases. It’s all you can do really…

Which producers are doing it for you right now?

There are a lot of good underground producers around right now - guys like Sato, Judda, Sinistarr S.P.Y, Skeptikal and Dub Phizix...

Drum & Bass is looking really healthy at the moment - why is that do you think?

I think D&B is strong right now because it has a striving student crowd and it really appeals to younger heads who love the energy and excitement...there is also a huge amount of good music coming out – all the guys I mentioned above and more…

As a man that spends a lot of his time traveling you are in a prime position to tell us about the scene abroad - How is it?

Across the globe D&B is as strong as always. Of course Dubstep has arrived on the scene in the last few years but in the main people like both so I haven’t got a problem with it. Asia, Eastern Europe and South America are strongholds and always great places to visit and play. Argentina seems to be the latest place feeling the D&B fever...

Besides the re-launch of Swerve at Cable, what else do you have in the pipe line?

I have a mix for Ministry and also Liquid Funk 3. There’s also some exciting secret projects we’re talking about for next year, but more on that later.

Any cravings to spread your musical wings a bit and go back to your Soul / House / Funk roots?

YES! I definitely want to do more roots stuff. I’m going to be doing Gilles Peterson's show in a few week’s which is great. I can play lots of heritage stuff and other grooves I’m feeling at the moment from right across the board.

Favorite record of 2010 so far?

Easy. My fave track of 2010 so far has to be Dub Phizix ‘Codec’. A brand new artist who has come up with the funkiest groove of the year. You have to hunt it down.

Re: Swerve Is Back! Feat Friction, Alix Perez, Breakage Plus Many More @ Cable from M

Only one more sleep to go!

Hope everyone's ready for some midweek mayhem!

See you there...

Cable x


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Re: Swerve Is Back! Feat Friction, Alix Perez, Breakage Plus Many More @ Cable from M

you didn't really answer JMZ's q though did ya LOL