DnB SweetStarZ - Peace Review please :p

i would recommend to add more variations to the intro. try adding more fx, noises, filtered drums, etc. etc. etc.

the drop should be more dramatic... you could try to create a silence right before it or to add a explosion on the first kick. what i miss in the middle part is a solid bass and some variations with the melodies, noises etc.
Thanks for your opinion mate, tho I wanted to keep it simple not overwhelmed with FX since I had a pretty intense and fulfilling atmosphere running on the back. Anyways I'll keep it in mind on my next attempt to perfection :p .
yer i agree with dieiscast.... the synths you've used sound good but its just too plain... try adding some chopped vocals in around, really experiment with them

Thanks for your opinion mate, I'll try to experiment some vocals around there.


Hey mate, thanks for commenting. Anyways, what do you mean by more sub? :p . Peace.
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