Surora - If Only You NU - LP Sampler [FREE 320]


We are proud to announce our first artist LP: Surora - "If Only You NU" coming out next month. Surora has been with Corinthian since 2006. Shawn of NC-17 tipped us off as to what a great artist he would be and we thank him for it. Surora has since become a staple of the label and a great friend. We chat often about life, dnb, dubstep, playing shows and etc. This guy is a track making machine and definitely needed a LP to showcase his talent.

Surora not only has release tracks but also contributed a lot of artwork for the CR camp. This is why we have decided to give him complete creative control on the LP. He decided it wanted to do a half dnb / half dubstep effort and we have supported him. He has made the art, the tracks, decided whats going on the LP and whats not with minimal advice from me. I wanted him to have the LP he was proud of, not something that anyone else told him to make.

The LP has some big and more minimal dubstep tracks, serious liqudfunk & somewhat jump-up-ish dancefloor tunes. Its exicting. For the sampler we decided to give the 1st two tracks away for FREE. Here they are:

Surora - Bridge the Gap [DNB] [CORFREE012]

Surora - We Stand [DUBSTEP] [CORFREE013]

The LP will be released in FEB 2010 in digital format. We want this to reach folks asap and make its way into sets around the world. We hope to follow with a CD release with some exclusive, bonus tracks. Enjoy the FREE tunes!