Support Karl K with Fresh & Fierce - Brok - $1.99


Jul 19, 2012
Fresh and Fierce have donated a track titled "Brok" to help fund raise for Karl Ks rehab program.

"That feeling of connection between everyone working out their life's stresses and problems, together as one... it's one of the most inspiring things if you really understand breakbeat culture.

We are asking for your for help in supporting a longtime friend and pioneer of Jungle / D&B in the USA. A legit household name in the Rave scene from the very beginning, Karl Danner, is hugely responsible for exposing North America to the music he loves so much and changing the course of many of our lives forever. Karl is dealing with a very drastic change in his own life after recently experiencing two strokes, which has resulted in permanent brain damage. He now struggles daily with double vision, difficulty speaking and limited mobility. It breaks our hearts to see him going through such a difficult and challenging time in his life.

Every now and then we all need a little help from the community we've surrounded ourselves with. Fierce and Fresh (BC UK), are stepping up to answer the call by releasing an exclusive track titled, ‘Brok,’ with 100% of the proceeds going directly to Karl. Fierce and Fresh felt strongly this track was made for this moment, and to sweeten the deal they took the original digital file straight from the DAT to Darkart Mastering for the highest quality possible. Never intended for release, this highly sought after dub plate can now be yours- and for a great cause.

Please share this with everyone and spread the word! Thank you for taking a moment to focus on this and help a friend in need. If you would like to learn more, please visit this link:

It is easy to take things for granted in life. Everything can change in an instant. Please take a moment to reflect on this. We are all very proud of Karl for pushing through the pain and frustration to continue to be creative and share his talent with us. He is defiant, strong willed and driven."
credits released August 1, 2019
Brok is one of those tunes I envisaged picking up as a dubplate off discogs for about 200 pounds one day, so I'm stoked to have it for a couple of bucks. A true classic that's up there with the best BC tunes.
The WAV sounds great as you'd expect.

And a great cause too, really sad to see how things have gone for Karl :(

Get around this!
I just watched his video. It was really hard to watch for me and made me tear up. It's just horrible how illnesses slowly or suddenly eat you away and you see people you love, good people, slowly fading away from you. It just angers me.

Also the part with the dog. Unbelievable. A dog never leaves you alone and will always love you. How can you also take the dog away from him. It just hurt.

I'm glad that Karl is still working on music and doesnt give up. What a fighter. I hope he gets better soon and I'm glad, that he has such a great friend, who takes care of him. Also thx to Fresh and Fierce who release this track for a good cause. I hope more artists join the cause.

The track will be bagged!

And please everybody take good care of yourselves and stay healthy! (yn)(yn)
The video is a really tough watch, heart goes out to the bloke. The part about losing his poor pooch on top of everything else was just awful.

Hope he continues to fight. Definitely be buying the tune to do my little bit to help.
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