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Dec 3, 2001
Kingz Lyn, UK

My name is Chris, i currently work as a Research Scientist for an R&D dept by day. As well as trading a few stocks when i got some spare time, inbetween experiments :)

I live in the fookin middle of no-where, a small town called King's Lynn, an hour from Cambridge. Its got no dnb scene apart from what i run, managed to build myself a good base of djs and get a 2-3k system.

I dj under the the name Klusta. Mostly play around East Anglia, done a couple of bits in the Midlands, down South, couple of gigs in Oz and one in Madrid. My style can range from liquid to dark and I try to include something different to my style, e.g. a touch of jugglin or scratchin.

Current missions:
- Get into production or I'm thinking about doing some turntablism style remixing of tunes, double up style.
- Get a dnb battle record pressed.
- Get a little further with designing my website

I'm also quite deep into my promoting, I run two nights at the mo ranging capacities from 100 to 4-500. I help out with a couple of other promoters in my town.

Thats plenty about me
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