Sup Junglists

Hey all,

Been in the scene since I bought the Jungle Warfare CD (Micky Finn and Darren Jay) way back in 94 when I was in high school. I live in Pennsylvania, USA. I still DJ, using Serato and Vinyl. I spin all kinds of music (including the dreaded dubstep), reggae, house, hip hop, dub, footwork, minimal, techno, glitch, anything with a reggae/hip hop atheistic. Oh and obviously drum and bass/jungle. I can't stand the pop/clown/grating sound of what is popular in the drum and bass/dubstep scene, I keep it deep, dark, ragga, hip hop. My first love is Hip hop, then jungle came and I ignored hip hop for a bit haha. Right now I'm on a HUGE reggae feast, you could say it is my new love. I just started producing and I am 37 lol. At least I have the wisdom of someone my age and have been through the scene long enough to know what sounds good. One love to all junglists. Keep it real, don't ever sell out, and keep jungle alive.

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