Sunday Drive Album - exclusive on beatport on monday 30th december

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    SFD0008 Sunday Drive Album (18 Tracks) - Soul Flex Digital
    Exclusive to Storejam and Beatport on 30th december then all download stores 2 weeks later.

    Soul Flex Digital present their land mark release the Sunday Drive Album featuring 20 tracks from various artists such as Conspire, Denial, Mark Halflite, Toez, Al Pack and Wyman to name a few.

    The album, a year in the making, covers various styles of drum and bass from within the liquid genre. Trying to capture the essence of the more soulful side of the scene. Rollers, amens, minimal and darker tracks can be found in the album.... Something for everyone to enjoy out or chilled indoors.

    Exclusive on Beatport 30.12.13 then all other download stores 13.01.14