SubShot - Broken Society EP out now!

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Dec 27, 2010
SubShot's EP "Broken Society" [ABAGA011] is out now.

Use these links to preview and download:

Beats Digital:

The hotly anticipated "Broken Society" EP by SubShot kicks off with "Tunnel Vision", a slick and exquisitely-crafted piece of dubstep that sets up the tone of the whole EP with its deep ambience and highly polished production.

"5 am" is a companion piece to SubShot's "3am", featuring on his "Deadline EP". Once again, this track has SubShot living up to his name with a bass line that you have to feel to understand.

The album culminates with "Outlaw"; its ambient jungle vibes providing the Broken Society EP with its superb conclusion. "The Broken Society" EP leaves us wondering where this exciting new artist will be taking his music next.

Our website has more info/free downlads: Our next release wil be a free EP by Daojia on January 3rd.

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