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    Souuund DNB Forum crew!

    We are Subliminal Audio, a Drum and Bass sound system, free party crew and promotions group based in Bristol.

    Guest Mix

    We’ve just had our first heavvvvyweight guest mix from Axi [Mindtech Recordings], check that out on our Soundcloud:

    We are also hosting a series of Mix of the Month and Tune of the Month competitions for up and coming DJ’s & Producers to promote themselves and showcase their material!

    To enter either competition:

    ➡ Upload your mix/tune to SoundCloud, WeTransfer or Dropbox (doesn't have to be drum and bass!)

    ➡ Send a download or streaming link to

    ➡ Submit a short biography with your link - if you win, we want to tell people about you and your music!

    Entries must be sent in by the 10th of June!

    Our previous winners:

    April Mix of the Month - MONROLLER

    April Tune of the Month - Crom - Bumpin

    For more information on free party’s, events, guest mixes, competitions, tunes & more follow us on Facebook & Soundcloud!



    Big ups!