Sub-Bass keeping it raw

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    Jun 14, 2005
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    10pm (GMT) - 12 Midnight

    Tune in tonight for some thrills, spills and chills !

    All aspects of Drum and Bass covered and not forgotten about !

    Artists included will be Andy C, Mr Size, Raiden, Aphrodite, Mr Swift, Jonny L, Total Science, Bad Company, Kiko, High Contrast, EZ Rollers, Dillinja, Zinc, Pendulum + more

    Covering Labels such as Timeless, Moving Shadow, Full Cycle, Ram, Piranha, C.I.A, Trouble on Vinyl, Bingo, Chronic, D-Style, Virus, Metalheadz + many more

    All genres will be mixed with each other to keep ya's on yer toes
    jump up to atmospheric and vice versa etc etc etc

    be sure to get locked