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Hey DnBForum!

After several years of sonic experimentation, failed arrangements/ideas, tedious mixdowns and many (many!) late nights, msmith222 and myself (aka Stepchild) have had two of our tunes signed by Heavy Artillery Recordings, a label that happens to be run by two of our idols, Faust & Shortee.

We are are both realist and understand that having a couple tunes signed will not enable us to begin popping bottles of Cristal and purchasing private jets, but we're sincerely humbled and grateful for the opportunity we've be given. Moreso, we wanted to say thanks to the forum and its members for providing us much with inspiration, advice, knowledge and some much needed laughs.

Below you can find a preview of two tunes, one is a beautifully brutal vocal Dubstep tune and the other is a Drumstep beast. Both will be available May 21st.

Cheers...and thanks. :)
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Yeah, I would definitely like to add many thanks to too many members to mention individually. This forum is a great place to learn a lot and progress...hopefully we are a little proof of that. I never really thought we would have tunes signed to label like Heavy Artillery, and this forum played no small part in achieving that. So THANK YOU GUYS!

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Congrats guys, if anyone deserves it it's you two!

I'm sure you're aware of my feelings towards that style of dubstep so I wont get into it here lol. I can appreciate good production qualities tho......
Haha thanks dude.