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AUGUST 29TH, 2009 -\ SUMMER MASSIVE: BEAT THE HEAT\ \ Steez Promo returns with another seasonal massive at the legendary Paradox Night Club in downtown Baltimore, MD. This summer's massive will feature another top heavy line up that will include heavy hitters CHARLES FEELGOOD, DAVE RALPH, DJ DARA, TITTSWORTH, FUTURE ROCK, BENNY PAGE, NIGEL RICHARDS, JOE NICE, HOT PINK DELOREAN, ALEX B (of Pnuma Trio), SWARM (Mason, Dstar, Armanni), WE DONT SLEEP (Messinian & Smash Gordon), MICHAEL MYERS, KEVIN FOCUS, ODI, BULLA, SEGWAY, CANNON BOYS, SONKIN, RX VS SHUGGADADDE, DJ 2RIP, & MCs CHECKWUN & MESSINIAN\ \ TICKETS & INFO @ WWW.SUMMERMASSIVE.COM\ \ Venue Info:\ The Paradox - 1310 Russell St Baltimore MD 21230\ \ Baltimore's premiere dance venue for almost 20 years, it can be said that this venue was at the frontier of the rave scene on the east coast through the 90's. For nearly a decade The Paradox played host to the legendary Fever parties featuring scores of internationally recognized DJs including Charles Feelgood, DJ dan, Micro, Bad Boy bill, Dieselboy, and many more., and laying a large chunk of the foundation for the EDM scene on the east coast and the United States. Now 8 years after the end of Fever the venue is still one of the top underground music venues on the east coast. At this event this 13,000 sq ft converted warehouse space will feature 3 areas of music with 2 indoor dance floors, and a tented outdoor area, 3 crushing sound systems, intelligent lighting, video projections, a restaurant service various food and beverage items, a VIP lounge featuring an open bar, interactive performers, a vendor bazaar with regional and local vendors and much much more.\