Static.Noise - Dangerous Love / untitled track (Liquidfunk)

Hej guys,

got these two bits nearly finished and would like to get some feedback for them.
Not sure about the vibe of them... do they sound too boring?
As I see the wave-form on soundcloud, it looks pretty "mastered"/normalized (no headroom) :/ however they aren't mastered yet and low on volume. Does that mean they're shitty mixed?!

I'd send them out to a bunch of labels, e.g. Liquid Brilliants, Soul Flex Digital, Love Byte Recordings; Do you think I'm are ready to get a release (with them)?

cheers and thanks for feedback and opinions.
Nice tracks mate, really liked the second one. For both of them i would say you could add more variation / elements, not so much really but enough to keep it interesting throughout the 5minutes. One thing I started doing in my tracks recently is at the end of each 16 / 32 bars of the main parts add some variation/filters on the drum beat thats pretty simple really but it really adds something imo.

For the labels I couldnt really tell because I havent released nor sent anything myself but its pretty good if you can polish them a bit i think you might have chances.

Soundcloud waveforms are not something to take in consideration as they could trick you, try to import your track in Traktor if you have it (you can grab a demo version i think) and there you'll really see the waveform clearly. I does not mean they're badly mixed, the mixing in your tracks is nice.