Stakka & Skynet feat. Friction - Altitude (Gridlok VIP)


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A remix gridlok did in 2008, now for sale :

on gridlok's facebook :

"The year is 2008. One of my favorite producers of all time Skynet hits me up to remix one of my favorite tunes called "Altitude". I can remember the first time i heard the original on a system was when Dieselboy played it at this little off night at a dive bar in Orlando.

Ok so my remix was maybe a bit ambitious, i totally went off on my own tangent for a month or so crafting this entirely new track using the melody from Altitude. Friction was looking for something more straight ahead (the remix project was for Shogun Audio) which is why I ended up getting together with Dom & Roland.

Fast forward almost 8 years. The power of the internet and with things like Bandcamp, Kickstarter, we can basically do whatever we want. So here it is, i think i remember the final nail in the coffin being that the biggest DJ in dnb said "it's not Altitude enough".

As someone who grew up with the track and listened to it probably more than the guys that made it, i'm proud of it and more than glad that its finally seen the light of day......

There's the story of the track, and here's the link to buy it straight from Underfire!"
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