SSTD004 ‘The First one To Die Wins EP’ Enduser, Teknoist, Scheme Boy & Broken Note

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    Hi guys

    Just a quick announcement to let you know SSTD004 ‘The First One To Die Wins EP’ is now available as a double pack of 2 x 10” vinyls with full artwork or as MP3.

    It features 4 tracks...
    A. Enduser – Jane Doe
    B. The Teknoist – Unheard Voices
    C. Scheme Boy – Para VIP
    D. Broken Note – Shark

    To check out the tracks go to or

    You can buy it on vinyl from most of the usual stores.

    UK stockists include...
    The Disc
    Eastern Blok

    European stockists
    ... and many more

    ...or you can get it direct from Sustained Records HQ for only £10 with free postage.

    We can also offer you our entire back catalogue for £25 including free postage. This includes...

    SSTD001 12" from The Teknoist and Throttler
    SSTD002 12" from I:Gor
    SSTD003 2x12" "The Memento Mori EP" from DJ Hidden and I:Gor
    SSTD004 2x10” as above

    Our web store is still being developed but we can still send you records anyway. Email for details or send payment via PayPal to

    We will send you the records straight away and include some limited edition Sustained Records stickers.

    To buy the MP3s go to...
    or Records&contextEntityId=12692

    Whilst you are there check out the new release by TriaMer on Sustained Digital SSTDMP3 007.

    We have a new Facebook fan page if you want to stay in touch...!/pages/Sustained-Records/319746070035

    OK so I think that is enough for now!

    Peace out homies