sss11-Aeph Clashstep / Club shifter out 1/06/09


Jul 23, 2006

June 1st, 2009 is the date that Subsonik Sound will introduce it’s newest artist to the ever expanding roster. Aeph is a gift brought to us from Rome, Italy. With previous works available on Flight Recordings, Modulate Recordings, and Subculture Recordings, Aeph is poised to set Subsonik Sound’s fan base on its ear. Well engineered, techy rolling dark drum and bass is the order of the day! "Clashstep" is a creepy, slimy, slick, teched out banger. This will fit in sets right alongside Phace, Spor, and Noisia tracks. "Club Shifter"is definitely the more laid back of the two tracks. It’s eerie intro builds slowly through a series of dark delayed stabs into a ferocious drop. From there it’s smooth, grooving tech flow is sure to surprise even the most skeptical of listeners. Subsonik Sound does it again![/SIZE]


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