sss10-Subsonik vs. Kiro - "Hold On" / Trippcore - "Sniper


Jul 23, 2006

Subsonik Sound 010 -

A. Subsonik vs. Kiro – “Hold On”

Be prepared for another absolutely killer track from this smokin’ hot drum and bass team. Through its humble, ethereal introduction, with a lowpassed, mysterious vocal hook, explosive fx, swelling synths, and floor-shattering drop, this tune is yet another instant classic in the typical Subsonik Sound form. The rolling, grimy bassline, perfect vocal hook, and sparkly drum track are signatures of both of these producers. This long-awaited track is finally going to be released, and is absolutely destined to be a summer anthem of 2009.

B. Trippcore – “Sniper”

Trippcore returns to Subsonik Sound with “Sniper,” a quirky, technical masterpiece, including a running, phasy bassline, smacking drums, and lovely vocal snippets. The track builds through a heavy drum track, arpeggiated lead synths, and a clever breakdown culminating in a lovely drop that is sure to get the dance moving. As usual, mixed to absolute perfection, and mastered according to Subsonik Sound’s meticulous standards, “Sniper” is ready to ignite your sets with fresh, funky, lighthearted patterns and impeccable sound quality.

Available May 1st, 2009 . . .

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