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Mar 11, 2011
SRSLY. LOOKING FOR A NEW PLANET | The new season 2011/12
EVERY FRIDAY @ ASTORIA | Via Claudio Luigi Berthollet 13 | Turin | Italy

Approaching the beginning of the forthcoming season, SRSLY. announces its new residency every Friday night at Astoria, a new club located in SanSalvario, the leading cultural and creative area of Turin.


Friday 13 th Jenuary 2012 – SRSLY. LUKE VIBERT @ ASTORIA

SRSLY. welcomes one of the most visionary musicians of the last twenty years: LUKE VIBERT! Together with his friends and colleagues Aphex Twin and Squarepusher, Vibert has written some of the most important pages in the history of electronic music, publishing records for the best labels of the planet, among which Warp, Rephlex and Planet Mu. Volcanic and unpredictable in the live performances, his show in Turin represents an unmissable date for every Italian follower of the electronic sounds.


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SRSLY. is an Italian clubnight based in Turin featuring the most pioneering acts at their national debut.
SRSLY.’s dj residents, a team led by Vaghe Stelle and Guido Savini along with Material, Phinto and Awer., explore the new electronic boundaries of UK garage, recalling the influences of disco and krautrock, sifting the dub side of techno and proposing five personal interpretations of the contemporary electronic .


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