Spor - Invade


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Sep 28, 2003
osaru said:
crisp clean nassssssssty drop... "whats goin on here?"
OUCH !!!! This ones gonna do some damage .
the way this boy fills his tracks is unbelievable and the ideas just keep flooding out. One very clever bredder and he aint even started to get going yet. I have been following this boys production for a couple of years nearly now and he just keeps getting better and better and nastier and nastier. I would love to get him in the studio with fresh i think their 2 massive brains would come up with something special.
Look out for ultimate technology currently being smashed by Andy C. Big up the spor.
Definately one to look out for in the near future......


Apr 14, 2002
Boh Selectah, This is f@ckin Bad Bwoy Biznizz, gimme, gimme, gimme,

Seriously, never heard any of this kids tunes before but I know Im gonna be hearing lots more :rambo:

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