Spirit "Final Chapter (Alternative) / Raygun VIP" (Timeless 023)


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Mar 4, 2002
This one is a promo which I was fortunate enough to get. Its funny because I had only just heard the RA clips of this record 3 days before visiting the shop. I had thought a the time "ohh man this is on timeless which means I won't get to purchase this for another 4 months".

Spirit "Final Chapter (Alternative Ending Remix) / Raygun VIP" (Timeless 023)

I'll start off with Raygun VIP so I can save the best for last. Well what can I say about this one? The original which came out last summer was extremely awesome in my book. The beats were real run of the mill as were the distorted bass stabs, what really rocked my world on this one was how those distorted bass stabs changed color over to a classic 1992 hardcore/house stab. After hearing that sound the whole tune took on a status of being just ok to being extremely wicked. Its not that big of a deal, I meah "wow" spirit used a 1992 cord in his tune, big frikken woop. Well at the time he was the one of the only ones doing this sort of thing so it was all that and a bag of chips, now my expectations are much higher out of a tune like this. So when I heard there was going to be a rehash of this tune I thought "wow, this could be really great". Well in reality that was just so not the case. The tune is basicly the same all the way through except for two things. As Mulla put it in his review, "Steppy amens, similar to the ones used in Waterhouse Dub." The other change was to do away with the sexy 1992 cords, instead they were replaced by sub standard bleep noises simmilar to the ones Dillinja uses. I think you already know my opinion on this track so no use mentioning that I think it stinks ehh?

Now onto the other side "Final Chapter (Alternative Ending Remix)". I'll start by saying that it was around September of 1999 when I was visiting the now defunct record store Planet X. I usually just went there to look in their used bins and retro selections, looking for a good 1992 record that someone might have traded in. The pickings were always slim and probably not even worth my time however it was the only record store nearby. I had gone there on this occasion to look for a new tune that was mentioned on the Oldschool@hypperreal.com list, Spirit "Final Chapter" so I asked the clerk if he had heard of it. Not only did he hear of it but he had the promo to sell me. So this was the first of many modern DnB purchases for me. As for the original tune it was rather nice, I like the use of the 1992 rave cords and the swirling hardcore noises however I hate the 2-step beats to death.

I was quite enthused to hear about a new version. I'm really impressed with Spirits work recently so I'm sure he could do a much better job of this tune now. After hearing the RA clips and hearing my vinal copy I'm happy to anounce that this is infact a better version. Its so much better you can pretty much toss out the original. First off the tune has a pitched down amen to acompany the 2-step beats making it less steppy. I would have prefured a less chunky amen break but ohh well. The tune also goes through two different 1992 breakdowns. First with a re-arrangement of the pattern and then again latter with the pattern from the original "Final Chapter". In a nutshell its a good tune which I enjoy very much.

I rate this record: 7/10
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