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    Spectrum 13 February 2010 – Driver & T.C. Brown

    Soundcloud – listen/download:

    Orca – Back to the Jungle
    Sonz of a loop da loop era – Session Two incl. Breaks Theme Pt. 2
    Cold Mission – Redy 2 Atak
    DJ Solo & DJ Rossie – Sureshot
    Ray Keith – The Dubplate [Final Plate]
    Remarc – Thunderclap
    DJ SS – Hearing Is Believing
    L Double – The Rider
    Firefox & 4 Tree – Warning [London Someting Mix]
    Krome & Time – Ganja Man
    Roni Size – We’re Rollin [DJ SS remix]
    DJ Rap – Special K [remix]
    Deep Blue – The Helicopter Tune [Rufige Kru remix]

    **T.C. Brown**
    Shades of Rhythm – Fear of the Future
    Bass Selective – Stupid
    Elevation – Can You Feel It
    DJ Seduction – Come On
    DJ Seduction – Hardcore Heaven
    Convert – Nightbird
    Sy – Kick Nasty
    Mis 29 – Mis 29
    Carl Cox – I Want You Forever
    Terrorize – Feel the Rhythm
    Family Foundation – Xpress Yourself
    Awesome 3 – Don’t Go
    Terrorize – It’s Just A Feeling
    Force Mass Motion EP
    Krome & Time – This Sound is for the Underground
    2 Bad Mice – Bombscare remix
    DJ Edge - Edge Records *1
    Bizarre Inc. – Playing With Knives
    Sonz of a loop da loop era – Further Out
    SL2 – DJs Take Control
    Shades of Rhythm – The Sound of Eden (Everytime I See Her)

    Spectrum 20 February 2010 – Fusion & Future Thinkin

    Soundcloud – listen/download:

    Future Sound of London – Papua New Guinea [High Contrast remix] (DAONE 001)
    dBridge – Inner Disbelief (Exit Records)
    Abstract Elements – Abysmal Depth (Exit Records)
    Deepcutt – Sarabande (Sarabande EP – www.scionrecords.com)
    Circa – Ida (New Blood 010 – Med School)
    Helios – First Dream Called Ocean [Stray remix] (New Blood 010 – Med School)

    **Future Thinkin Records Exclusive Mix**

    Zebedee – Parallel World (Unsigned)
    P-R-S – The Wait (Have-A-Break Recordings)
    Komatic – Solution (Unsigned)
    Seba – Dangerous Days (Warm Communications)
    Seba & Kirsty Hawkshaw – The Joy [face to face] (Secret Operations)
    Abstract Elements – Wrong Way (Exit Records)
    BCee – Heartache feat. Ad-Apt [Matrix remix] (Spearhead Records)
    BCee – Mr. Bidigan feat. Jo-S [Total Science remix] (5 Remixed, Rewired, Rewound LP - Spearhead Records)

    Spectrum 27 February 2010 – Fusion & Alan D

    Soundcloud – listen/download:

    **Fusion & Alan D B2B In The Mix**
    Alan D
    Calibre feat. DRS – Love's Too Tight To Mention (Signature Records)
    Survival – Secrets feat. Christina Nicola (Audio Tactics)
    Lynx & Kemo feat. Henree – Deez Breakz (The Raw Truth LP – Soul:R)
    Digital – Lemon (Shout)

    Blu Mar Ten – Believe Me (Blu Mar Ten)
    Syncopix – Stay In Touch (Spearhead Records)
    Subwave – Think (Shogun Audio)
    Mr L – Piper 3 (Mr L Records)

    Alan D
    Digital – Fix Up (31 Records)
    Q Project – Superstitious (C.I.A.)
    Digital & Spirit – Mission Accomplished (Razors Edge)
    Rufige Kru feat. dBridge – Mirror (Memoirs of an Afterlife LP – Metalheadz)

    M.I.S.T. – Outerspace (soul:R)
    Special Forces – What I Need (Photek Records)
    BCee – Mr Bidigan feat. Jo-S [Total Science remix] (5 Remixed, Rewired, Rewound LP - Spearhead Records)
    Total Science & MC Conrad – Soul Patrol [Sunny Side Up Mix] (C.I.A.)

    Alan D
    Calibre – All The While (Second Sun LP – Signature Records)
    dBridge & Vegas – True Romance (Metalheadz Platinum)
    Gappa G & Hypa Hypa – Information Centre [Bladerunner remix] (Stepback Sessions Vol. 2 – Stepback)
    DJ Fresh – Heavyweight (Digital Soundboy)

    Break – Ringing Ears (Commercial Suicide)
    Krust feat. Saul Williams – Coded Language [Roni Size Desert Road Remix] (Talkin Loud)
    Nasty Habits – Shadow Boxing (31 Records)
    Trace – Mutationz VIP [Concord Dawn remix] (Spy Technologies LP sampler – DSCI4)

    Alan D
    Commix – Satellite Song (The Winter of Content LP – Metalheadz)
    Break – Breathless V.I.P. (DNAudio)
    Spinback & Gwange – The Execution [Serum remix] (C.I.A.)
    Spirit – Re-Dial (Drum & Bass Headhunterz LP – Metalheadz)

    Dillinja – All Aboard (Cybotron LP – ffrr)
    >>Artful Dodger – Ruff Neck Sound [Dillinja remix] (London Republic)
    Adam F – Brand New Funk (V Recordings)

    Spectrum 13 March 2010 – Fusion

    Soundcloud – listen/download:

    Blu Mar Ten – She Moves Through [ASC remix] (Free download)
    Calibre – Steptoe (Signature)

    **Spearhead/Future Retro Records Appreciation Mix**
    Stunna & Amanning – Just A Dream (Future Retro)
    Submorphics – Miles Ahead (Spearhead Records)
    Stunna & Amanning – Mutual Life (Future Retro)
    Redeyes – Luv & Haight feat. Deeizm (Poetry In Motion LP – Spearhead Records)
    Redeyes & Random Movement – Groove Thing feat. Mutt & Mike Romeo (Future Retro)
    Lenzman – Caught Up (Spearhead Records)
    Redeyes & Random Movement – How Many Ways (Future Retro)
    Marky & Bungle – Let Me Tell You (Moodswings LP – Spearhead Records)
    L.A.O.S. – Harmony (Future Retro)
    BCee – Glitter Balls [Redeyes & Lenzman remix] (Future Retro)
    Random Movement – Ain’t Going Nowhere (Future Retro)
    Netsky – I Refuse (Spearhead Records)
    Redeyes – The Night Is Over feat. Sweed (Poetry In Motion LP – Spearhead Records)
    BCee – Cultural Shift (Moodswings 2 LP – Spearhead Records)
    S.P.Y. – Sunshine (Moodswings 2 LP – Spearhead Records)
    Redeyes – Cruise Ship To The Stars (Poetry In Motion LP – Spearhead Records)
    A Sides – Lustrous (Moodswings LP – Spearhead Records)
    Blue Sonix feat. Michael Moulton – Luv Me [Logistics remix] (Spearhead Records)
    BCee – Generations [S.P.Y. remix] (Future Retro)
    BCee – Diagnosis Murder feat. S.P.Y. (Generations EP – Spearhead Records)
    BCee – Mr Bidigan feat. Jo-S [Total Science remix] (5 Remixed, Rewired, Rewound LP - Spearhead Records)
    **Mix Ends**

    Intelligent Manners & Command Strange – Groover (Unsigned)
    Goldie – Timeless (Timeless LP – ffrr)

    Spectrum 20 March 2010 – Fusion & Freedom

    Soundcloud – listen/download:

    **Fusion & Freedom B2B In The Mix**
    Klute – Strange Dinner (Music for Prophet LP - Commercial Suicide)
    Invaderz – Rock [Klute & Freedom remix] (Transmission 2 EP - Invaderz Transmissions)
    Jubei - The Path (Ingredients Records)
    Logistics - Murderation (Crash Bang Wallop! LP - Hospital Records)

    Breakage - Clarendon (Digital Soundboy)
    Digital - Gateman (Phantom Audio)
    Capone - Friday (Hard Leaders)
    Jonny L - PBX (Magnetic LP - XL Recordings)

    Amit - Tokyo (Forthcoming Commercial Suicide)
    Commix - Rack-It (The Future Sound of Cambridge 3 EP - Hospital Records)
    Calibre - Understand (C.I.A. Deep Kut)
    Density - Who Wants Some? (Punctured Light Recordings)

    DJ Die - Play It For Me Pt. 2 (V Recordings)
    Total Science – Kingpin (Tuned In LP – C.I.A.)
    London Elektricity - Song In The Key Of Knife (Hospital Records)
    >> DJ Krust - Set Speed (V Recordings)
    DJ Krust - Warhead [Steppa Mix] (V Rcordings)

    Nymfo – Matchstick (Commercial Suicide)
    Calibre – In Denial (DAT Music II – soul:r)
    Deep Inc – G City (Ninth Wonder LP Part 2 – Progress)
    Goldie & Commix – Justified (Metalheadz)

    Calibre - Steptoe (Signature)
    Bop - Enjoy The Moment [Invisible Landscape rmx] (Unsigned)
    Alix Perez - 1984 (1984 LP - Shogun Audio)
    BCee - Mr. Bidigan feat. Jo-S [Total Science remix] (5 Remixed, Rewired, Rewound LP - Spearhead Records)
    **Mix Ends**

    Spectrum 27 March 2010 – Fusion & Cartel

    Soundcloud – listen/download:

    **Fusion & Cartel B2B In The Mix**
    MJ Cole - Sincere [Marcus Intalex & S.T. Files remix] (Talkin' Loud)
    Screamheads feat. Camila Andrade - Under The Sun [Bungle remix] (Spin Recordings)
    Matrix & Futurebound - Family [Nu:Tone & Logistics remix] (Metro/Viper Recordings)
    Roni Size/Reprazent - Brown Paper Bag [Roni Size Full Rap remix] (Talkin' Loud)

    Need For Mirrors - Tilt feat. Zero T (SGN:LTD)
    S.P.Y. - Gangsta (Shogun Audio)
    Artificial Intelligence - Threes A Crowd feat. dBridge (V Records)
    Code 3 - Response Call (Exit Records)

    Sub Focus - Time Warp (Ram Records)
    DJ Die - Clear Skyz (Full Cycle)
    Scorpio - Li-Li (V Classic LP - V Recordings)
    Firefox - Bonanza Kid (Philly Blunt Records)

    Jubei - Patience feat. dBridge (Nothing Ventured Nothing Gained EP - Metalheadz)
    Rockwell - Bone Structure feat. Zero Tolerance (The Noir EP - Critical Recordings)
    Calibre & ST Files - Devil Inside (Footprints)
    Spectrasoul - Bygones (Evolution EP Series One - Shogun Audio)

    Blu Mar Ten - Believe Me (Blu MarTen)
    Lenzman - Emeralds feat. Jo-S (SGN:LTD)
    Goldie - Mother VIP [Vocal Mix](Ring of Saturn LP - FFRR)
    Nasty Habits - Shadowboxing (31 Records)

    S.P.Y. - The Boy Who Cried Wolf (31 Records)
    Jubei - Carbon (Nothing Ventured Nothing Gained EP - Metalheadz)
    Calibre - Steptoe (Signature)
    Total Science & S.P.Y. - Above The Clouds (Shogun Audio)

    Un-Cut - Midnight [M.I.S.T. VIP Remix] (WEA International Inc.)
    J Majik - Space Invaderz (Infrared)
    Breakbeat Era - Our Disease Tera (Bullitproof EP - XL Recordings)
    Blue Sonix - This Feeling (Phuturistic Bluez)

    Lenzman - Flamethrower (Soul:r)
    Ulterior Motive & Judda - Infrasonic (Subtitles)
    Break - Reach Out (Symmetry LP - Symmetry Recordings)
    Camo & Krooked - Mindset (Edge of Mind EP - Beta Recordings)

    Q Project - Champion Sound [Total Science Hardcore Will Never Die Remix] (Advance LP - C.I.A.)