Spectrum - Dubstep Project (WIP)

I'm really new to making dubstep so I have no idea what the structure is so all help is appreciated. And if anyone would like to collab, just give a shout. :)
And by basics I guess you mean really basic. Look up a few tutorials on drums for dubstep/dnb.
What's up with that bass? Sample? Pre-set? Dunno what there is to say.
I haven't got the foggiest about dubstep. I really need to look up some tutorials. Sorry about wasting your time :D
Not a waste of time. Just try and give an opinion when folk ask for one. As for not having the foggiest about dubstep, I presume you have a few dubstep tracks you like. Compare your track to those, check what they have going on and why you like them. If you can get half as good as your favourite tune it's gotta be good.
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