Specimen A 'Hazardous Material Pt.1' out 01.09.08 on Funkatech

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    Specimen A - Hazardous Material Pt.1

    Hello people
    this is just to brag about Specimen A's latest offering on Funkatech 'Hazardous Material Pt.1’ the beginning of a new series so disgustingly infectious its name was a legal requirement!
    Featuring vocals from Miss Trouble, Ken Mac & Funkatech's very own MC Incyte expect something a little different from the darkside dons this time around..

    Plump DJ's - 'Wicked, a fat dubsteppy bass line. Good energy'
    NAPT - 'Algorithm is rude. Specimen A will be huge'
    Crystal Method - 'This will be huge in the right hands'
    Breakfastaz - 'Really liking this'
    JMekka - 'Another level of breaks. The best work from Spec A to date without question'
    Beat Assassins - 'Total banger'
    Def Inc - 'Absolutley rocking loved it and what dancefloor devastation'

    Vinyl & Digital:
    A: Algorithm
    AA: Nightmare (Club Mix)

    Digital Only:
    Nightmare ft. Incyte, Ken mac & Miss Trouble (Vocal Mix)

    Digital is available Monday 1st September exclusively at
    Vinyl will be out Monday 8th September


    Coming soon on Funkatech:
    Pyramid - Wickedest Combination ft. IC3
    Pyramid vs Far Too Loud - The System