Label Soulscience - Power Supply/Lowkey [AMBRA003]


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Soulscience - Power Supply/Lowkey [AMBRA003]
Release date: 28/07/2011

1. Soulscience - Power Supply
2. Soulscience - Lowkey

Continuing the global search for soul-hugging drum'n'bass, Ambra recordings takes you on a trip to New Zealand, presenting the mystic tribal flavours of rising production duo Soulscience. There's no mistaking the influence of the pacific ocean in the background of these blissful rollers, so open your mind and shut your eyes...
Soulscience - Power Supply

Sophisticated bird-call synths swirl around a deep jungle rhythm that twists through the trees and creepers of the Soulscience forest. Far from civilization, we guess the Power Supply is needed for the heavy oldschool bassline, minimum 15kW recommended. Ambra yet again proving they select the best back-in-the-day sounds from true drum'n'bass soldiers.

Soulscience - Lowkey

An infectious acoustic guitar riff rides this intelligent atmospheric rhythm, with meditative bongos driving the tune forward into the night. Deceptively dreamy flute pads rise and fall, the organic percussion holds steady, while a warm sub ensures there's nothing low-key about the feeling you'll get from this one on the dancefloor.

Soulscience - Power Supply/Lowkey [AMBRA003] will be available on July 28th.