Label Soulscience - Polyps/Kings [AMBRA005]


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May 27, 2010

The Soulscience boys have come up with their second release for Ambra, spreading the true drum and bass vibes worldwide once again from New Zealand to Lithuania.

Soulscience - Polyps
"Polyps" combines a deep and frenetic rhythm with classic Ambra floating synths and chords. Fully in tune with today's minimal dnb directions, the heavy drops and light hi-hats take the scene further into the intelligent territory where it belongs, while hitting hard enough to work on the dancefloor.

Soulscience - Kings
Don't fear the rave, "Kings" brings back the oldskool jamaican dub vibe with razorsharp contemporary production skills. The classic junglistic anthem format, complete with airhorn and rasta vocals, is raised to another level by sophisticated drum production and hard hitting sub stabs. One for the lighter-raising crew, for real.

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Ambra Recordings - drum'n'bass label from Lithuania
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