Soul Intent "The Fruit Club EP" Lossless Music 004

Soul Intent
The Fruit Club EP
Lossless Music 004

Vinyl release - 16th March (email proof of purchase and get free digital download)
Digital release - 30th March

The Fruit Club is a big nod back to the famous “Fruit Club” event that was held at The Brunel Rooms in Swindon throughout the 90s. This is where Soul Intent first heard dnb as it should be via underground hero’s like Doc Scott, Kemistry & Storm, and DJ Lee. Infact even the label artwork has been designed around their old flyers (big up to DJ Faydz & Stephen Reid for permission to use the Fruit Club logo).

The track itself features all the elements of those classic mid 90s tracks along with production and arrangement straight out of 2015. On hearing Soul Intent drop it as his first tune Dillinja hunted Alex down and asked for the tune, which he smashed in every set through out his busy 2014 festival season. Dropping the track at Outlook both Doc Scott and Xtra ran up to the DJ booth asking Dillinja what the track was. They both have since championed the track and helped it become one of the hottest dubplates of 2014.
Would Have Loved You has been getting a lot of interest from DJ’s and clubbers alike. Janette Thompson’s beautiful vocals (written herself) ride over a tough break and sinister distorted bassline. A fine example of Soul Intents love of combining rough with smooth fused with that classic 90s headz vibe.
Rude Raver is a out and out dancefloor roller. Packed with samples from the early hardcore era where labels like Reinforced owed the UK underground rave scene. A distinctive synth riff, ragga vocals and a fast paced break make this a sure fire killer in the club. A Straight up club track, and we’re not ashamed to say so.
9/10 - DJ Mag (Jan’15)
8/10 - Mixmag (Jan’15)

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Nice little write up from Juno Records...

"Soul Intent flexes back to his original source of inspiration; The legendary Fruit Club jungle sessions at Swindon venue Brunel Rooms. From the cover art to the raw, heady sonics you can feel this influence in every direction and it's as authentic as it gets. The title track is all doom and Reese-bass gloom before a classic sample throws us deep into industrial strength Headz style drums. "Would Have Loved You" comes with the same tooth-baring mid 90s jungle grit but is softened slightly by the dreamy vocals of Janette Thompson. "Rude Raver" closes the set... The title truly says it all. An incredible homage to one of UK music's most exciting creative chapters, executed with detail, skill and an eye for the future. This is about a year's worth of five-a-day fruits."

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