Sinuous Records Presents :Evolution of Mind Vol 2

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    Sinuous Records Presents :Evolution of Mind Vol 2
    Masheen / Cooh Audio Inside Promos now


    Evolution of Mind Vol 2


    When it comes to Sinuous Records you can always expect
    something new & cutting edge and the releases this year
    have been nothing less than exceptional. Taking you into
    a new era and introducing you to some original sounds of
    experimental dancefloor mayhem with their latest 2 part
    series Evolution of Mind.

    Vol. 2 brings the dependable sounds of Masheen with
    another heavyweight dancefloor track "Trash Bath". And
    on the aa side is Bulgaria's pioneer of drum n bass Cooh
    with this filthy destructive track "Noisy Sneaker". Approach
    these 12"s with caution!!

    a. Masheen - Trash Bath
    aa.Cooh - Noisy Sneaker


    a. Masheen - Trash Bath
    Masheen carries you on an emotional journey into an experimental
    dancefloor environmemt. Dramatic pad sequences, razor sharp
    snares and pulsating bass. An outrageous filtered hook action
    & twisted acid tech lines that has the crowds mesmerised.
    The subliminal monster speech fx has devastating effect.


    a.a.Cooh - Noisy Sneaker
    Noisy Sneaker starts out with breakneck tribal half step beats
    and deep menacing panic-room emotion. Chest pounding
    basslines, edgy techno stabs with a split personality.
    This one really picks up the pace on the second breakdown,
    a serious head nodder which has been
    demolishing sound systems globally.

    Audio links :

    All Sinuous releases are available from
    in digital format. MP3's available starting from :sin016 - Allied
    a.Unseen Sun - aa.Lunar 3
    plus all back catalogue.

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    Full Release Now Available For
    Evolution of Mind Vol1