Silvio Carrano – Zombies [MODA TOP]


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Artist : Silvio Carrano
Title : Zombies
Release Date : February, 18th 2013
Cat. N. : MDT028
Label : Moda Top
Publishing : Listen To.It / Invidia / The Saifam Group

Exactly twelve months ago we released “Virus”, one of the hottest club tunss of 2012; now it’s the time has come for Silvio Carrano‘s new single. Silvio delivered some strong remixes and re-works over the last year, but he mostly focused on his new baby “Zombies”. This is a perfect follow-up example, confirming winning elements (smooth groove, driving bass and the “virusey” synths) from his previous job, Silvio takes the project even higher, avoiding the carbon-copy effect and delivering, once again, a straight-for-the-floor affair. On remix duties, some good Silvio’s friends: Ariel Ortega, Cashy & Tebron, Hass Hammound and Kings Of Addiction. Are you ready for Zombies invasion?

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