[SILKD018] - Bulb - Lonely Gravity/Default Settings + VIDEO INTERVIEW

Greetings Guys & Gals,

We are wasting no time at Silk HQ for 2011, with our 2nd release for the year currently in the stores now! As usual it will be out on Beatport as an exclusive for 1 month then out to all online digital retailers, so make sure you get in first.

Bulb steps up for the labels 18th release, with 2 very musically sublime tracks. If you haven’t heard the Russian wiz kid by now, you should def check him out! Having releases on a bunch of high quality labels such as Hospitals offshoot Med School,Soul:R,Kokeshi,Respect and of course Silk. Bulb also has featured on mixes and podcasts from some of the biggest names in the industry, including Hospital,RBMA,Kokeshi and countless other podcasts and radio shows.
Bulb has another musical project titled “Fill". This is an outlet for a lot of his downtempo productions, which still have the same unique qualities and the high production standards as all his other works.
Adding to this he is a regular DJ at some of the biggest parties in Russia and you can check his skills on the aptly titled podcast - “Into The Deep” which is hitting it’s 10th episode this week.
With a slew of 12” also forthcoming on the above mentioned labels as well as Silk, Bulb is showing no signs of slowing down in the near future, so we decided to catch up with the man himself for a quick chat.
This is a video interview; all questions are displayed on screen with Bulb answering them himself in real-time.


Bulb – Lonely Gravity

A very complex and creatively soothing piece of music. Not your normal 170bpm track, this encompasses moods and emotions from another world slowly drifting back and forth like the sea on a calm day. Bulb has really hit the spot on this one by keeping it subtle but still having a big appeal to a wide range of listeners. This truly is music to melt your ears off!

Bulb – Default Settings

The 2nd track is made entirely from the default settings template in FL. To show producers that u don’t need all the sounds in the world but merely an understanding of the creative process and a seed inside your head! As Bulb has shown this is all it takes to achieve great results with something so simple. Originality and lush melodies soak up the beats in this effective but contrastingly bass heavy release.

Clips can be heard here - http://soundcloud.com/silkrecordings/bulb-lonely-gravity-clip


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A massive thanks to Bulb for the interview and taking some time out of his day to enlighten us with his wisdom. We’ve also decided to giveaway an iPhone screen saver with this release, a big thanks to our very talented designer – Pixel Junglist! This can be found here:

Thanks to all who have supported this release!