[SILKD009] - Blue Motion - Distant Sounds E.P - OUT NOW!!!

Greetings Everyone,

Out this week we have Blue Motion's debut E.P on Silk Recordings, the mighty minimalistic and deep - Distant Sounds E.P.
The lads at Blue Motion have definitely served up a future slice of minimal funk with these 4 tracks boasting lots of bass, massive amounts of sutle myriad soundscapes and plenty of slick precussion layered with razor sharp beats.
As of late these guys have had a phenomenal output of high quality music and in addition to this have been featured in many playlists,mixes,radio shows and sets of some of the worlds finest dj's.

Currently the production duo are riding on the success of some recent
releases, which are featured on some of the scene's most recognised imprints including Fokuz,Influenza Media,Phunkfiction,GLO,Peer Pressure,Future Thinkin and many more.
With an L.P in the works for Influenza Media and many more releases planned the pair don't look like to be slowing down anytime soon. Blue motion have various gigs coming up across Europe and abroad so be sure to catch these lads in action if they land in a city near you.
Combined with this release is a free tune which has been professionally mastered and has full cover art by Pixel Junglist, so if any of you were not lucky enough to grab the free tune previously it's here - [FREE TUNE DONWLOAD] for a limited time only.

Click the link to purchase - BUY HERE

Thanks for all the support so far and respect goes out to Blue Motion and all the other artists and people we have worked with in the past and present.