Silk Recordings-SILKD003 Out Now!!!

Oct 20, 2008
Hello all,

Just a quick update from the Silk Recordings HQ.
Our third digital release has just hit the stores.

Silk Recordings Digital003:


Pulsaar makes his debut on Silk Recordings with two slices of future funk.

Universe starts off with a haunting synth intro reminiscent of the beginning of time, quickly spiraling into vocal stabs that explode into the futuristic drums that Pulsaar is well know for.As the track progress uplifting synths and a more heavenly vocal break down into the first drop.What follows is a massive square type bass groove with glorious strings and infectious vocal snippets throughout the rest of track this tune has been hypnotizing dance floors worldwide.

Future funk vibes all the way on this release.The fist drop builds up and shimmers along with with rising sci-fi pads and trademark synth leads.With the drop pushing to a seriously buzzing bassline that hovers over dreamy fx's and builds up to the best part of the track - a seriously soulful and cosmic guitar solo takes you to where you want to go.Cinematic strings build up to the next drop and the seriously heavy bass lets go once again.

Artist Info:
Thomas Steiner, goes under the unique and innovative alias "Pulsaar."
Located in Stäfa, a small and beautiful city 20 minutes away from Zürich, Switzerland.
Pulsaar works as a sound-engineer by day and by night works on live mixes and PA-Tecnics for various concert halls and venues around the area.
Pulsaar also produces demo tapes for other musicians and sells hip hop beatz to various local MC's...

Starting to produce 14 years ago it's fair to say that Pulsaar has defined his craft and is regarded as having a constant and high quality output with the ability to rock any dance floor.
First starting on electronic music with a MC-303 Roland Pulsaar has worked on beats across the board including Hiphop, Triphop, Bigbeatz and finally Drum 'n Bass.
Essentially not a DJ, Pulsaar has played many live acts in his time using a MPC2000 with a Access Virus Synth, Emu E-6400 and a Döpfer Drehbank.
Some of the more famous places Pulsaar has played include:
Lethargy in Zürich, and also the biggest DnB-Open air in Switzerland, "Lost in Nature" 5 and 6.
These are just some of Pulsaar's highlights and really show his versatility and dedication towards music.

Also watch out for SILKD001 featuring "Unison" from Forge and Jynx comming soon!!


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