Silk Recordings KMAG Interview + Free Tune From eleven8

Hello All,

Our 15th release is now live on Beatport! You can grab it now on Beatport for the next 3 weeks, after this it will be available on all other d/l stores including itunes,juno,chemical,digital-tunes and many many more.

"Ascension" is a belief that some individuals may have ascended beyond this earth and into another universe.
Such is the case with Silk's 15th release aptly titled "The Asencion E.P. The E.P comprises producers spanning from two countries that are currently on top of the electronic music scene - U.K & Russia.
With a concept built on big bass and experimentation, each track contains the best in the experimental concept that Silk is built on, but also keeping a deep, dark, minimalist vibe throughout.
These 4 tracks can be played at low volume on your ipod or dropped on the biggest club systems and still have the maximum effect that you are looking for.

On top of this release we are also giving away a free tune which will be available only on the KMAG website.
This track was exclusively produced by eleven8 for Silk and has never been played or downloaded by anyone before today. It has been professionally mastered so don't worry about getting a low quality track, we are giving you the very best and the option of having it in either .wav or 320mp3.

Here is a little info on eleven 8 and what he's been up to. You can also visit him here –

For Eleven8 the journey really started to gain momentum in the summer of 2007.
A combination of roll models such as Mary Anne Hobbs, Annie Nightingale and 65daysofstatic fueled a newborn passion for Electronically Produced music. This resulted in eleven8’s decision to study Urban & Electronic Music at Southampton’s Solent University, where he continued to produce post rock and electronica music, as he had done back home.
As time passéd by, he began to experiment with Techno, Dubstep and Drum & Bass, culminating in the launch of his new identity ‘eleven8.’
An exponential understanding of traditional music theory allowed eleven8 to hit the ground running and his first release, the ‘This Is Risk EP’ surfaced in March 2009. The EP captured the hearts of dubstep minimalists across the globe and some much needed attention was directed towards North London. After several more successful releases, eleven8 has been rewarded with performance bookings all across the UK, occasionally even delving into central Europe. His live sets have been enjoyed by fans at the infamous Glade and Beach Break festivals, which combine acoustic drums with original electronically produced music.

Dominic Ridgway, eleven8 & Mr Foul - My Road

"My Road" brings together 3 of the most talented and creative producers within the electronic music scene. Together their releases span more than 20 labels and cover all styles and genres of dubstep and drum n bass. With each individual very serious about the quality of their own output and creating something unique within the music they write. It's easy to see why these 3 individuals are the next in line to be the next big thing.
This track encompasses lashings of dub skanks and dreamy melodies, that are laced with futuristic styled beats and and glistening percussion parts.
White noise and subtle atmospheres drift in and out of the background textures which form a space within the reverbs and the vocal sample lets you know exactly where u are - "My Road". Currently being featured in many mixes and dj sets across the globe

Nuage - Have No Words

The title of this track says it all! It's one of those perfectly composed tracks that gets every shade of light and dark spot on. The haunting synths combined with uplifting and spacious soundscapes make the beats blend in seamlessly with the rest of the elements. With a vocal that sweeps over the track and glitchy percussion that soon makes way for the powerful sub underneath. Nuage has releases on labels such as Translation,Absys,Respect and Digilab it's obvious that this is just the start of something for the Russian based producer and dj. Nuage is currently setting the standard for experimental music, with tracks already completed at various other tempos and his forthcoming L.P on Absys, you will be seeing plenty more of this producer in the coming weeks.

Vantage - Hide Behind

A relatively newcomer to the electronic music scene Vantage has been making serious waves within the d&b scene as of late. With tracks already forthcoming on labels such as Lifestyle & Digilab and his debut on Silk, it's easy to see the production quality & skills of this producer are set to a very high standard. Having received plays by loads of dj's and also being featured in various podcasts and mixes "Hide Behind" is definitely a tune not to be taken lightly. With an epic intro and a sublime vocal just before the drop, this track really does the damage to the floor. Razor tight beats coupled with melodic and deep pads make the airy space that shines throughout this track. Perfect reverbs and effects glide seamlessly over all the parts creating a fantastic mix that works not only in the club but also on your home hi-fi speakers.

Brokensilence - Chi Consumer

Another relatively unknown duo of producers "Brokensilence", comprises of two young producers hailing from Russia. The track takes listeners on a deep,dark and emotive journey through immense soundscapes and deep, dark bass. More on the heavier side of the spectrum, this track unfolds into a huge bass workout with layered reece's and bass stabs reminiscent of the old tech sound that was ever so popular at the start of the decade. Sci-Fi styled samples and vocals, evolve and build throughout the rest of the track and bring us onto the epic breakdown. Pitched percussion and abstract beats layered with various effects keep this track moving at a fast pace with a constant vibe of high energy, perfect for the club in the early hours of the morning. Expect to be hearing more from these talented producers very soon.

Clips can be heard here - SOUNDCLOUD

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In other news at HQ we have a forthcoming L.P/CD release by Furi Anga. The CD will also come in a limited edition box set with only 150 available and it will include a tee-shirt,stickers and a few other promo materials inside. The artwork is being done by the same artist the graced Goldies last L.P “Sinus Tempus”. The L.P will also feature a 4 track E.P remixed by some of the scenes most established artists, more on this soon! 
Digital release wise we have Bulb’s E.P, which is nearly complete. Bulb has been smashing it up as of late with forthcoming releases on Soul:R & Med School, this producer is one of the scenes hottest new talents so watch out!.The new E.P will feature 
”Lonely Gravity” & “Default Settings” plus a vocal track and another more hard edged tune. We've got various other bits and pieces signed for different projects and also have forthcoming 12" from Nether,Eleven8,D.Ridgway & Bulb.

Peace, and thanks for the continuing support.