Sideways Recordings - New DnB Releases


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After a small hiatus, we are back in buisness and bigger than ever. With new distro and a gang of new tunes as well as a re-release of our entire catalogue now in digital format for your listening pleasure. Our new website is set to launch
on September 29th with the release of Side-001 Feat. Diamond Geezer's "Killin your Sound" and "Unda mi Sensi" and Side-002 Feat. Company Truck's "Tongue of the Fatman" and "Vapors" in all online digital music stores as well as our website
Side-003 Feat. Company Truck's "Innasounds" and "Sync Tank" hits stores on October 2nd. Get it first at starting September 29th, don't wait for it to hit distro like all the rest of those schmoes, be the first to play these slumpers out!!!

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