Side001 out now!!!


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YO YO brand new shit to close out the 2005 from the Diamond Geezer. Two sick ragga mashed up tracks that are just waiting to be blasted out your speakers come Christmas morning. Dis one got the Mr. Vegas version of "Unda Mi Sensi" which im sure you all know which is nicely layered over some heavy amens and deep deep bass hits. There is someone else toasting with him that sounds like Supercat but not sure.Sick new tune of the week!!! On the flip "Killing You Sound" follows similar suite but with a way phatter bassline and vocals by the superstar Capelton-"Killing Your Sound" is scattered throughout the track.Some sick mashed up bizness!!!!Be sure to drop this tune while you open your presents. Also makes a good stocking stuffer!!

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audio clips:
Side A - Killing Your Sound
Side B - Unda Mi Sensi