Shrivastava on Distinctive Forza

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    Its nice to hear stuff you cannot define. This is something that isn’t a carbon copy of all the other mainstream artists. Yet not so different you have work hard to understand it. That is about the only pigeonhole this will fit into. It is safe to say that Jamie Shrivastava has been influenced by a multitude of musical empires, and this has all been reinterpreted to fit his vision.
    “Sleep” starting as a mellow electro/nu romantic track this has a twist. Gentle vocals and warm pads slowly give way before rock guitars kick in about halfway through. “Scratches on my Gold” is a brooding and dark yet with warm melodies. A duel current of emotions that describe love gone wrong.
    “Dancing with Ghosts” is a requiem in a way, the ghosts being memories of his father. It’s not a morbid track though, combining so many elements of musical styles, it sounds almost familiar. “Smoke” is an inner note heart wrencher. A melancholy mellow orchestral head nodder.
    One to be discovered thought provoking lyrics and emotive soundtracks should keep you captivated.