Shigetomo Yamamoto - Out of Key EP (Analog Japan 009)


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Mar 4, 2002
Hmmm... The site seems to be working (knock on wood) now that I flipped some Active X control switches I didn't realize existed in my browser... Well see...

Anyway when I was playing my small crate of minimal techno last week I discovered this forgotten jem of a record. I bought this around 1994ish when the lousy record store I was shopping at (Planet X) wasn't getting in enough jungle for me to buy.... So I bought this after hearing someone play it in the store. It wasn't exactly my thing but it had some really nice sounds in it. Now that I've come back to listen to It I realize this isn't just techno..... but hardcore jungle tekno!!! The sort that Carl Cox, Easygroove, or Ratty would have played in 1993! Yet this record was from 1994 so perhaps its believeable that this could have been a left over dubplate from 1993 that was only just pressed in 1994 ;)

The first three tracks on the info side are real stompy tb-303 based tracks which aren't all that IMOP as its not my thing at all.

This Side 01). "Out Of Key" = A 303 track
This Side 02). "Neptune 2000" = A 303 track with 'ardkore keys and a distorted 303.
This Side 03). "Out Of Key" = A 303 track with distortion on every thing!!!

Now for the good tunes:
Logo Side 01). "Mindnics" = A beautiful 'ardkore tekno track. This is one hell of a hard driving tune with lots of change ups. It kind of reminds me of Visa's "Let me see you move" as it has a simmilar cord structure in one of the parts. Also what jungle tekno track would be complete without euphoric string breakdowns? This one has two completely different ones!!! I get the feeling this tune was made for a speed freak DJ like Easygroove as the tempo is rediculously fast! You have to play this cut at -4 just to play it with basement record tunes at +4. This tune was recorded at 45.

Logo Side 02). "Out Of Key (Power Groove)" = A real rough jungle tekno tune yet at slower pace. Stand out featurs in this one would be the killer high octave rave key riff, sqeeky 303s, and the sexy yet short lived euphoric breakdown. This tune was recorded at 33 1/3.

Its a crime that I forgot about this record and for the longest time I didn't even reguard it as hardcore because none of the tunes have breakbeats. It seems that over time my view of "what is 'ardcore" has expanded and matured. Of course listening to those real live MP3 mixes from 1992-3 helped a bit.

Another interesting thing about this record is that its on clear vinyl but with clear orange paint over it.

I rate this record: 5/10 (loosing points for the lame tb-303 techno on the flip).
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