Shadybrain: New Digital Release + New Previews

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    Hi everybody,

    here are some news from shadybrain concerning a new digital release from Er.ic and a new Nocturnal vinyl release to hit the streets very soon...

    So, two brandnew tunes are out now as digital exclusives.

    Er.ic - The Abyss / Symmetry - SHBD00408

    A Side- Er.ic - The Abyss
    AA Side- Er.ic - Symmetry

    Once again Er.ic unleashes the sickness on the Berlin based label .shadybrain. After his successfull last release "Equilibrium" in collaboration with Cruel Culture, the new release reveals his talent as solo artist. Both, "The Abyss" and "Symmetry" start off very deep and melodic before they develop into straight tech-funk steppers. The combination of straight beats, groovy percussion and morphing midranges makes these tunes more than just attractive for everybody who is into the neurofunk sound.

    MP3s available now:

    ALSO, SOON TO COME: Nocturnal - Surveillance / Creeper - SHB005

    Clips are up on our myspace!!!

    Also don't forget to check through our backstock and merchandise offers on

    Thanks a lot and many greetings from Berlin,

    Chris / .shadybrain